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If you are looking to buy a trampoline you have probably come across so many different models it is blowing your mind. There’s also a huge chance that you have mostly found traditional trampolines with a bounce mat and springs around the frame.

Springless trampolines (also called “spring free trampolines”) are not as popular as standard trampolines despite the fact that they have several advantages. It seems that they are gaining in popularity in recent years and we believe they will eventually dominate the market.

It is a fact that Springless Trampolines are not as popular yet in the US as they are in other countries in particular Australia. the technology of springless trampolines to some 15 years to perfect. If you are willing to pay the extra cost to acquire a springless trampoline there is no doubt that you will have the safest trampoline on the market today.

Best springless trampoline of the 2017?

springfree trampoline review

Springless vs. Spring trampolines

A Springless trampoline is exactly what it says, it has no springs. How then can you bounce without springs you may ask? how does it work?

Without totally confusing you a springless trampoline is basically a layer of flexible fibre glass rods instead of springs, imagine then all the rods standing upright with all the tops bending in to the centre and connected together and you will then have the basics of a springless trampoline.

The legs of the frame are angled out outwards to give more support and stability. The springless trampoline can of course be used indoors but in most homes this is impractical so the outside is the best place to be.

Bounce Difference

There is quite a lot of discussion even argument about the difference in bounce quality between sprung and un sprung trampolines Manufacturers of the sprung version will say the sprung trampoline will give you a higher bounce where as those of the un sprung type will offer a wholly different view by saying that the springless trampoline offers a softer and smoother bounce which eliminates the jarring effect and is much kinder to knees and joints than the traditional spring based model.

Each model of a springless trampoline is designed for varying weights and usage, so when choosing what is right for you and your family ensure you select the right one.

No Safety Pads

Traditional trampolines have Safety Pads around the perimeter of the frame enclosing the frame edge and the springs, so why you may Springless Trampolineask do springless models not have them ? The answer is simply they do not need them as the edge itself has more give in it than normal safety pads.

Indeed the soft edge is designed as to be softly landed upon although it is really not designed as a bouncing area, although it has some bounce all bouncing should be concentrated in the centre of the mat and treat the edge as a safety area.

Trampoline Enclosure

Safety of course should always be paramount in your mind when choosing a trampoline and no doubt you will have been impressed with many of the safety features already mentioned regarding the springless version, but perhaps the most important safety feature of any trampoline has to be the enclosure or safety net.

On normal sprung trampolines there are numerous choices but the majority of springless models come with the safety net already supplied. As there are fewer dangers with the springless trampoline the nets supplied with them basically perform the function of stopping the occupant from bouncing off the mat on to the floor and will guide them back onto the centre of the mat with no danger of landing on the frame or, on or through the springs present in the un sprung version where the majority of accidents occur.

General Safety

Although springless trampolines have without doubt the most safety features of any type of trampolines a few simple rules agreed between all those who are to use it with particular emphasis on children will ensure great fun for everyone.

These may be e.g.:-

  • Only one person at any one time on the apparatus.
  • Children can bounce only under the supervision of an adult.
  • Always mount and dismount using the ladders.
  • No toys or electrical’s when using the trampoline.

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