Top 6 tips to avoid injuries while rebounding

Rebounding can be very effective. Not just as a workout, but it can also have numerous benefits on your health. The secret is in an effective low-impact workout which puts much less stress on the body (especially joints) as running or jogging. It can be a very effective workout to burn calories, improve the heart, muscle functions, and blood circulation.

But before you start your workout routing with a rebounder, here are a few tips that will help you avoiding getting injured.

1. Choose the right type of your trampoline

Not all mini trampolines are designed for exercising. When you decide to purchase it, make sure that it can hold your weight and that it’s made of quality and durable materials. If you decide to buy a used one, check for any rips or loose fibers on the mat.

Here are a few types of trampolines:

2. Wear proper clothes

Despite the fact that you don’t need special equipment and clothes for jumping on a trampoline, it’s advised to wear clothing that is comfortable and nonrestrictive.

For footwear, we advise none. Bouncing barefooted will improve your balance much faster.

3. Proper setup

Although mini trampolines for rebounding are usually small and compact, you need a lot of space. Always position your trampoline away from the furniture and objects that could turn your innocent fall into a disaster.

Position your trampoline away from furniture or anything that you could possibly hit if falling. Have another person there to help in the event you fall. If you become nauseous or dizzy, stop and take a break. When setting up the trampoline, make sure the folding mechanism is locked to prevent it from collapsing when mounting.

4. Use the stability bar

Although rebounding looks simple and easy, it isn’t completely safe, especially when you start for the first time. If your trampoline came with a stability bar, use it. If not, use a chair or a partner to support yourself and enhance your balance while stepping onto the trampoline mat.

5. Start slowly

Rome wasn’t built in a day. When you start rebounding, always start slowly to warm up your body and joints. After you are comfortable and your body gets warmed up, you can scale it up with more advanced exercises. Remember that you don’t have to replicate all the tricks that you can find on Youtube. The most important thing is that you have fun.

6. Get instructions

There are countless of rebounding DVDs available online. They can help you with your workout progression and they can teach you many new exercises that you are probably unaware of.

If you like hanging out with other people, you can always visit a fitness center or hire a professional trainer to get you started. Trainers can teach you everything you need to know about trampoline safety.

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