Trampoline with a safety trampoline net

A trampoline net is the single most important safety feature of every trampoline. Majority of injuries when using a trampoline occur when jumpers fall off the trampoline and majority of these injuries can be avoided if you have a trampoline with a safety net.

Trampolines have grown quite a lot over recent years because they can provide families with endless hours of fun and exercise. This is one of the reasons trampoline related injuries are on a rise and it’s a well known fact that trampoline cause over 100.000 injuries every year and most of them could be prevented by using a safety net.

You should also be aware that even a safety net can’t prevent all accidents to happen. That’s why it’s important to agree a few ground rules with the family. e.g. Only one on the trampoline at any time; Bounce only on the centre of the mat; Children must be supervised by an adult etc. These are all good rules but as stated probably the single most important aid to safety is a safety net.

What is a trampoline net?

It is in fact a safety net (often called an enclosure) that surrounds the trampoline preventing bouncers from falling off and potentially get serious injury. However, the fact that you have a safety net does not mean you should ignore other safety measures e.g. ensure the trampoline is away from other garden fixtures and fittings and on soft ground e.g. long grass or sand.

What to look for?

There are many safety nets on the market but it has to be said the quality and safety features vary greatly. Most nets available in the mid to upper range will prevent both adults and children from falling to the ground although not all are able to prevent the bouncer falling on to the outer rail of the trampoline frame, the outer rail being the steel rail all around the perimeter of the trampoline to which the springs are fixed.

Although this part of the frame should be covered by safety pads it the hardest part of the trampoline on which to fall and can be very painful. It is therefore recommended that your chosen safety net should be designed to hang inside the perimeter rail thereby reducing the chances of falling on to the outer rail.

It should be noted that many budget safety nets are not often constructed in this way indeed many feature the net hanging on to the vertical enclosure poles making a fall on to the outer rail almost inevitable. It also increases the risk of hitting the safety net metal poles.

Can trampolines and safety nets mix and match?

Yes they can. Whatever size the trampoline you own can get a safety that will fit it. There are trampolines that can be purchased with nets attached but we are dealing here with nets for your particular trampoline. Please ensure you also check out the weights the net is designed for.

Safety net sizes

Sizes are obviously dependent on the size of your trampoline. The most common sizes range from 10ft to 16ft and are round, octagonal and rectangular

Added benefits of a safety net

There should of course always be an adult in attendance when kids are jumping. Without a safety net the adult will probably spend the entire jumping session running around as the kid bounces with heart in mouth, stress levels soaring and shouting warnings which unfortunately can ruin a great fun time. With a safety net sit back and watch them having great fun and exercise while you relax.

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